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My lovely pile 2

First uni put a big dent in my reading-for-pleasure time, and currently the exam period is keeping me from posting much, so I thought I’d show you what I’ve been saving up for the break. A couple I’ve been meaning … Continue reading

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The Stilwell Manifesto

Those of you who have read my blog for a while might recall I wrote an incomplete critique of Frank Stilwell’s Who Gets What?, a book that analyses income and wealth inequality in Australia. Coincidentally, I’m currently doing a summer … Continue reading

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Proof of the divine

One of the major benefits of studying law at the most highly regarded law school in the country is that I’m surrounded by clever, thoughtful people who express themselves well. Turns out that holds true even when they’re drunk, as … Continue reading

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Things I learned today

1. UNSW sends out spam every three weeks or so, spruiking some company or product under a thin guise of supposed relevance to students. 2. “Capitalism represses human sexuality” according to Kate Jeffreys writing in the Socialist Alternative #140. LOL … Continue reading

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Most pointless textbook in the UNSW bookshop?

Taken while lining up with 10,000 other eager resigned textbook buyers.

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To all my loyal readers

All three of you, that is. Sorry for having not posted anything recently. I couldn’t concentrate long enough to write because I’ve been worrying about not getting a university offer. Thankfully, I have finally been accepted into UNSW to do … Continue reading

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After being in a slump in recent days after not getting a uni offer in the early round, and for the first time starting to worry that I won’t get an offer at all, today I received something to bolster … Continue reading

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Early round of offers from universities went up today. Set my alarm and everything. But zilch. I now have to wait until the main round in January.

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