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Hopelessly wrong

‘Hopelessly wrong’ is a great phrase. So wrong that there is simply no hope whatsoever of ever being right; a wrong so profound that one might as well despair. The phrase features in the title and body of a recent … Continue reading

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LDP press release #1

I hope all my readers consider voting for the Liberal Democrats in a few weeks, at least in the Senate where we can do a lot of good. I will be posting the LDP’s press releases here because I’m fairly … Continue reading

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What’s that about simplistic neoclassical models again?

Almost any statistic coming out of China can boggle the mind. In such a huge place, undergoing such rapid change, the sheer numbers in any area of inquiry are almost incredible. Especially to someone from the tiny peripheral nation that … Continue reading

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Spoilt sports

Sport. Despite Australia’s rise up the obesity rankings, it holds an important place in our culture and identity. One may quibble that nowadays our self-image of a super-sporty nation is becoming apocryphal, but it’s still a strong belief. It’s not … Continue reading

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A quick giggle

Many thanks to xkcd.com – you brighten my day.

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Who Gets What? Part 2

For background, see Part 1.

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Who Gets What? Part 1

I recently finished reading Who Gets What? Analysing economic inequality in Australia by Frank Stilwell and Kirrily Jordan, a present from my mother. It took me ages, partially because I was reading other things, and also because I kept getting … Continue reading

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After being in a slump in recent days after not getting a uni offer in the early round, and for the first time starting to worry that I won’t get an offer at all, today I received something to bolster … Continue reading

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Reefer madness

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when it comes to the intellectual vacuity of Miranda Devine, but her latest column is yet again replete with ignorance and shoddy logic. I know, I know, I shouldn’t read her stuff. It just makes … Continue reading

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