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Where the Australian Greens go wrong

I have voted Green more often than I have voted Labor (I’ve never voted for the party I’m a member of, but that’s because there hasn’t been a candidate in my electorate yet). I do so for a number of … Continue reading

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Things I learned today

1. UNSW sends out spam every three weeks or so, spruiking some company or product under a thin guise of supposed relevance to students. 2. “Capitalism represses human sexuality” according to Kate Jeffreys writing in the Socialist Alternative #140. LOL … Continue reading

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Can we build it? Yes, we can!

I’m not a total ignoramus about Cuba, but I didn’t know that for almost 50 years, people there have largely been forbidden to build houses for themselves (or anyone else), or buy and sell them, giving rise to bizarre and … Continue reading

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