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Fred Nile, his logical fallacies and blatant stupidities

While letterboxing for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the federal electorate of Bradfield that has a byelection on December 5th, I spied some opposition material in a discarded-junkmail box. Not the Opposition, but the LDP’s opposite, the Christian Democrats … Continue reading

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Letter of the week

I’m an aficionado of the Sydney Morning Herald’s letters to the editor, visiting every day, and today I found an example of that rare breed – an incisive, humorous and wonderfully cutting one-liner: I wonder if the Pope thinks face … Continue reading

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Proof of the divine

One of the major benefits of studying law at the most highly regarded law school in the country is that I’m surrounded by clever, thoughtful people who express themselves well. Turns out that holds true even when they’re drunk, as … Continue reading

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No bathing in blancmange

Taken in a church hall, I think. Not by me – I can’t remember where I found it or who took it. Thank you, though!

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Now there’s a shocker

BREAKING NEWS: Teenagers have sex despite what they tell their parents and pastors. The sad part of this is, because of the milieu in which the virginity pledge is made, when they inevitably fail to keep it, they also fail … Continue reading

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