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Where the Australian Greens go wrong

I have voted Green more often than I have voted Labor (I’ve never voted for the party I’m a member of, but that’s because there hasn’t been a candidate in my electorate yet). I do so for a number of … Continue reading

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Competition. It works, bitches.*

I’ve long extolled the benefits of companies competing for consumers’ business. According to orthodox economics, it reduces prices, and therefore profits, and thus shifts the division of the economic surplus towards consumers. Competition is generally a Good Thing. Unless you’re … Continue reading

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You’ve got to be kidding

Sometimes I laugh at the names people give their children. Sometimes I want to weep. Sometimes I think, “Poor kid.” But it never, ever crossed my mind to have the government approve baby names. Germany takes a highly regimented approach … Continue reading

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No bathing in blancmange

Taken in a church hall, I think. Not by me – I can’t remember where I found it or who took it. Thank you, though!

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Good question

I was asked the other day whether, since I write repeatedly about regulations that I think are bad, did I have a good opinion about any regulations. Of course I do. Regulations are what government departments and administrative bodies create … Continue reading

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