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Faulkner v Conroy

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, is getting a lot of negative press in the blogosphere for his idiotic insistence on pressing ahead with an idiotic internet censorship scheme. Rightly so – it will infantilise … Continue reading

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The moderate libertarian case for proactive government action on climate change

In the general scheme of things, libertarians oppose government action to deal with problems. There are an array of good reasons for doing so – the problem may be overstated, or non-existent; it may be done better or cheaper privately; … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament today, regarding the leak about the Rudd-Bush phone call: The Prime Minister’s fingerprints are all over this. Every letter, every paragraph is dripping with his DNA. WTF? I mean, he could have said “it has his … Continue reading

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