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Spoilt sports

Sport. Despite Australia’s rise up the obesity rankings, it holds an important place in our culture and identity. One may quibble that nowadays our self-image of a super-sporty nation is becoming apocryphal, but it’s still a strong belief. It’s not … Continue reading

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You’ve got to be kidding

Sometimes I laugh at the names people give their children. Sometimes I want to weep. Sometimes I think, “Poor kid.” But it never, ever crossed my mind to have the government approve baby names. Germany takes a highly regimented approach … Continue reading

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Higher pay for MPs

Well, technically speaking it’s an increase in their electorate allowance, but anything left over at the end of the year is treated as personal income, so it’s not surprising that MPs consider it “a de facto part of their salary”. … Continue reading

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More good news for Cuba

Obama has delivered on a campaign promise to ease some sanctions on Cuba. Now Americans with family in Cuba can send any sum of money, and travel at any time and frequency, for any reason, to Cuba. This is positive, … Continue reading

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Speaking of inequality…

..I came across this map of the world’s Gini coefficients at the incredible, incomparable, what-would-I-do-without-it Wikipedia. It shows in clearer form than ranks of numbers how generally there is a negative correlation between the Gini coefficient and GDP per capita. … Continue reading

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The moderate libertarian case for proactive government action on climate change

In the general scheme of things, libertarians oppose government action to deal with problems. There are an array of good reasons for doing so – the problem may be overstated, or non-existent; it may be done better or cheaper privately; … Continue reading

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Can we build it? Yes, we can!

I’m not a total ignoramus about Cuba, but I didn’t know that for almost 50 years, people there have largely been forbidden to build houses for themselves (or anyone else), or buy and sell them, giving rise to bizarre and … Continue reading

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Swiss radicals

The post title is not a very common combination. I know, I checked.* And none of them are to do with my topic, which is the referendum in Switzerland today about drugs. After a long trial with giving hardcore heroin … Continue reading

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Deregulation and discrimination

I don’t like racism or sexism or other discrimination of that nature. I think it’s illogical, stupid, damaging and counter-productive. But as a libertarian*, I firmly believe it should not be illegal. Public institutions absolutely should not discriminate – they … Continue reading

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Buying locally

I’m just mooching this off one of the blogs I frequent – Catallaxy Files – but I thought I should spread the word around. The basic idea, which I’ve tentatively mentioned to some of you before, is that shipping food … Continue reading

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