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Faulkner v Conroy

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, is getting a lot of negative press in the blogosphere for his idiotic insistence on pressing ahead with an idiotic internet censorship scheme. Rightly so – it will infantilise … Continue reading

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The metro to nowhere

Another day, another incredibly well thought-out transport proposal from the NSW government. /sarcasm This time it’s a $4 billion underground metro system. Oh, did I say system? I meant single line. Well, not a line as such. More the start … Continue reading

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Halfway down the slippery slope

California – a bastion of liberal values, right? Not if you’re a smoker.* The city of Belmont has made it illegal to smoke in your own home, if your home is an apartment. Your own home! Perhaps I was being … Continue reading

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Before I forget again…

..sign up to GetUp!’s online petition to stop the madness. Another place you can do good.

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Piers Akerman is an idiot

It sucks when the only thing to read while you’re waiting is The Daily Telegraph. It sucks more when you browse through and unaccountably feel yourself drawn to read what you know is bad for the soul – Piers Akerman’s … Continue reading

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