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Good news

It’s that time of the semester, so I have been somewhat remiss in noting some good news stories recently. Here’s a quick rundown of some well-known, and not so well-known, examples of the world getting better.

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LDP press release #3

Liberal Democrats reject cigarette packaging laws

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Just say no… to the war on drugs

What would you do with $1 trillion? Don’t answer too quickly, lean back and think about it for a while. Physically, using the highest-value banknote I know of (the €500 bill that will be excluded in Britain due to its … Continue reading

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Druggies join the ranks of the undeserving

Here in Australia, people getting unemployment benefits have to perform certain obligations in order to qualify. Centrelink describes it as having to “actively look for work, accept suitable work offers and undertake extra activities to improve your chances of finding … Continue reading

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Halfway down the slippery slope

California – a bastion of liberal values, right? Not if you’re a smoker.* The city of Belmont has made it illegal to smoke in your own home, if your home is an apartment. Your own home! Perhaps I was being … Continue reading

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Swiss radicals

The post title is not a very common combination. I know, I checked.* And none of them are to do with my topic, which is the referendum in Switzerland today about drugs. After a long trial with giving hardcore heroin … Continue reading

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Reefer madness

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when it comes to the intellectual vacuity of Miranda Devine, but her latest column is yet again replete with ignorance and shoddy logic. I know, I know, I shouldn’t read her stuff. It just makes … Continue reading

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