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First thoughts on proposed carbon tax

Julia Gillard has broken an election promise, and for once I approve. Her government has decided to accept the Greens’ proposal of an interim carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) tax, to come into effect next year, before a likely transition to … Continue reading

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Good news

It’s that time of the semester, so I have been somewhat remiss in noting some good news stories recently. Here’s a quick rundown of some well-known, and not so well-known, examples of the world getting better.

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LDP press release #6

Liberal Democrats say no to big government climate schemes

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Sorry, I’m not convinced

Mr Albanese sent me a letter today, spruiking federal Labor’s achievements (because there are no State Labor achievements). He assured me that “I am interested in your views on matters which affect the Federal Government.” I’m certain that isn’t true, … Continue reading

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Sheehan goes from bad to worse

I have previously tut-tutted over a Paul Sheehan opinion column, but his February 1 effort reaches a whole new level of objectionable. I should have passed on reading it, I know that. I should have just let it slide by, … Continue reading

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The by-elections are done, and in Bradfield, Lucy Gabb of the Liberal Democrats has so far received 516 votes, or 0.8% of the total. I think this is an excellent result for a campaign by an unknown party with no … Continue reading

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The moderate libertarian case for proactive government action on climate change

In the general scheme of things, libertarians oppose government action to deal with problems. There are an array of good reasons for doing so – the problem may be overstated, or non-existent; it may be done better or cheaper privately; … Continue reading

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Low-hanging fruit

There are some no-regret actions we can take to combat climate change, and one of the best is energy efficiency. The returns on investment are substantial in their own right, even before we start calculating the benefits of reducing CO2-emissions … Continue reading

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Piers Akerman is an idiot

It sucks when the only thing to read while you’re waiting is The Daily Telegraph. It sucks more when you browse through and unaccountably feel yourself drawn to read what you know is bad for the soul – Piers Akerman’s … Continue reading

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Buying locally

I’m just mooching this off one of the blogs I frequent – Catallaxy Files – but I thought I should spread the word around. The basic idea, which I’ve tentatively mentioned to some of you before, is that shipping food … Continue reading

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