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Piers Akerman is an idiot

It sucks when the only thing to read while you’re waiting is The Daily Telegraph. It sucks more when you browse through and unaccountably feel yourself drawn to read what you know is bad for the soul – Piers Akerman’s … Continue reading

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Nick Xenophon*, as he said he would, shot down FuelWatch in the Senate today. Good riddance. Despite Labor’s claims to the contrary, it would in fact have likely caused average prices to rise, not fall, according to the ACCC and … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament today, regarding the leak about the Rudd-Bush phone call: The Prime Minister’s fingerprints are all over this. Every letter, every paragraph is dripping with his DNA. WTF? I mean, he could have said “it has his … Continue reading

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Reefer madness

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when it comes to the intellectual vacuity of Miranda Devine, but her latest column is yet again replete with ignorance and shoddy logic. I know, I know, I shouldn’t read her stuff. It just makes … Continue reading

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