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The moderate libertarian case for proactive government action on climate change

In the general scheme of things, libertarians oppose government action to deal with problems. There are an array of good reasons for doing so – the problem may be overstated, or non-existent; it may be done better or cheaper privately; … Continue reading

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This makes me mad. How dare Bush Jr bestow an honour originally meant for war heroes and now only supposed to reward “exceptional meritorious service” – and awarded to such luminaries as Nancy Wake, Pope John Paul II, Mandela, Galbraith,  … Continue reading

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Taxing questions

The etymology of ‘tax’ is interesting. It derives from the Latin taxare, meaning ‘evaluate’ or ‘assess’, but also ‘handle’ because of its relation to tangere, meaning ‘to touch’ (from which we get ‘tangible’, and ‘tangent’ – a line that just … Continue reading

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Corporate welfare stinks

In the newspaper today was an article about an Australian Customs Service investigation into the price of toilet paper. Basically, some companies say other companies are selling toilet paper too cheaply, and they are losing market share because of it, … Continue reading

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Fred Nile doesn’t like breasts

Breasts on display on beaches, that is. Nothing really surprising there, except that he is dressing up his wowserism in the guise of cultural sensitivity to Muslims. Yeah, sure, Fred *. It’s not like you tried to stop Muslim immigration … Continue reading

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The right rights

My topic for today is human rights (see previous post), and now I want to air some ideas about the actual make-up of any bill of rights, and my thoughts and concerns about them. I’m no expert – in fact … Continue reading

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Rights and wrongs

There has been plenty of buzz in the blogosphere recently (for example here and here) about the Rudd government’s consultation of the public about a mooted Australian bill of human rights. The issue is also getting some attention in the … Continue reading

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Before I forget again…

..sign up to GetUp!’s online petition to stop the madness. Another place you can do good.

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Democracy 2.0

I came across an excellent article the other day, exhorting Obama to put teeth into the ethic of transparency he says is going to be important in his administration, by implementing Wikipedia-style revision control into his Change.gov website, and eventually … Continue reading

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Parliamentary committees – you’re doing it right

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration released their report Immigration Detention in Australia: A New Beginning today, and I’m glad to see that their recommendations constitute a substantial liberalisation of the current regime. However, as the dissenting report notes, they … Continue reading

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