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  1. It’s a joy to find someone who can think like that

  2. That’s a smart way of looking at the world.

  3. Eu só queria saber o que o software de computador que você precisa para fazer cartões de visita ou etiquetas a partir de um computador em casa. Será que é fácil ou mesmo pena o tempo ou dinheiro .. abraço!

  4. ¿Cuál es la diferencia que sientes en tus axilas entre la mañana y la tarde?Al pasar el dìa las siento mas asperas e incomodas¿Que sensación te gustaría sentir en tus axilas al final del día?Que estuvieran suaves, de un tono claro y siempre frescas.

  5. "to avoid the disastrous scenario of several years' med school plus loans followed by a failure on USMLE."I don't think USMLE passage is much of an issue. For first timers:92% – U.S. M.D. medical school graduates81% – U.S. D.O. osteopathic medical school graduates

  6. Typos : «La musique de Bach est génialE» et surtout «l’ARÉopage d’Athènes». Et qualifier le Big Bang de «quelconque» me surprend, de même qu’écrire «matière» plutôt qu’«énergie» me heurte. Voilà pour la provocation sommaire…

  7. I don’t know if this would work with oils, as I don’t often use them and tend to work with acrylics, but I use to pretexture with tissue paper or newspaper. I would glue it onto the surface (usually illustration board) with an acrylic matte medium. Then I would cover it with a wash of the complimentary color of the paintings over all color scheme.You can make it as textured or as subtle as you like and its fun to work with. its kind of a pain to transfer your drawing onto but most textured surfaces are I guess.

  8. Penso que as palavras livros e escolas deveriam estar numa mesma sentença, sempre… mas, sabemos que a realidade nem sempre é essa. Na teoria sim… mas, na prática é outra história. Eu sou do tipo de professora que tem a leitura como algo imprescindível em minhas aulas. É preciso formar leitores… leitores de fato, que queiram se deliciar e viajar no universo dos livros. Gostei da postagem…bjs

  9. you can find family members and friends who read a lot and know what they are talking about, by all means, use them, but most writers don’t have that. To go without any critique though is extremely harmful. Not every critique is beneficial, but you have to trust your gut. It’s still your story. I consider every critique, but don’t always make the changes suggested. I appreciate all of the feedback though.

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