Oh yeah, about that…

I’m hopeless. The event that catalysed my starting a blog was the removal of North Korea from the US’s list of states that sponsor terrorism. Back on October 11. Whoops.

I’m sure I had oodles of insightful commentary all lined up, but I’ve forgotten what it was. Suffice to say, the removal (in return for agreeing to keep a nuclear reactor offline) shreds any illusion that the list is actually about the sponsoring of terrorism, and is purely a political and diplomatic tool. It was obvious before, but now there isn’t even a fig leaf of propriety to cover the naked power games.

It also joins the list of things Bush has backflipped into doing after slamming opponents for suggesting he do them, or that they might do them when he’s gone, like attacking militants in Pakistan, or talking to Iraq’s neighbours about helping out, the UAE port purchase, the bailout bill, etc.

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