So I’m specieist. Sue me.

You probably haven’t heard about the Bosnian girl who was filmed throwing puppies into a river recently. Or maybe you have – the video went viral, and was picked up by the mainstream media, to the usual accompaniment of tabloidesque outrage and condemnation. Forgive me if I sound cynical, but when a famous director offers a US$50,000 reward for information leading to the girl’s arrest, and Hollywood actors pipe up to say they have “never been so disgusted before”, I can’t help myself. What kind of mixed-up priorities do these people have, that cruelty to animals is more important, more disgusting, than the endless saga of human suffering?

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  1. jtfsoon says:

    I think you’re over-reacting. A reward was offered because conveniently, the offender was captured on video and there was a very high probability of tracking her down. You seem to be saying as long as some jihadi is suffering in Afghanistan or whatever, our addressing more soluble problems elsewhere involves warped priorities.

  2. john walker says:

    Jarrah Puppies are cute. Americans love cute.

    What do you think about the Pokie card idea? I feel very ambiguous ,it seems a very intrusive over controlling approach . Would be better/cheaper?/ and perhaps easier? to reduce the number of machines ? Australia has an awful lot of them.

  3. Jarrah says:

    Jason, I’m not saying we should ignore small problems for as long as there are big problems. What gets me mad is the idea that Michael Bay was willing to part with $50,000 to get at a cruel teenager, but presumably would balk at giving a thousand homeless people a room for the night. What gets me mad is that Kellan Lutz has apparently never seen the news, or read any history, and so can say with a straight face that he’s never been so disgusted before.

    Yes, I know, it’s the monkeysphere plus furry-big-eyes-syndrome (as John Walker alludes to). It still annoys me.

  4. john walker says:

    at the height of the potato famine Queen Vic, sent 1 pound to the Irish poor, and ten pounds to the battersea dogs home.

    poor people – smoke too much , play pokkies and do not vote green often enough.

  5. Splatterbottom says:

    Maybe the video went viral because people love to watch puppies being taught how to swim. Anyway what is the problem with somebody making a choice about how they spend their money? Attacking misguided emotions and the frivolous expenditure that accompanies them is in itself misguided.

  6. Jarrah says:

    “Anyway what is the problem with somebody making a choice about how they spend their money?”

    I’ll not stop ask for a law to stop them spending – it’s their property and can do what they like with it. But I’ll use my right to free speech to the full if I so desire – it’s my opinion and I can do what I like with it.

  7. Splatterbottom says:

    Me too.

  8. Yobbo says:

    Drowning puppies is not particularly cruel in my humble opinion. Assuming there was no animal shelter nearby that euthanise them for free, what would have been the humane way to euthanise them?

    Or are there still people living in fairyland who think there’s no such thing as an unwanted puppy?

    Watching the way she did it (throwing them far into the middle of the river rather than just drowning them at her feet) suggest she was fairly sickened by what she was doing and was trying to distance herself from it as much as possible.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I grew up on a farm and have seen animals being euthanised before, but I don’t really see the big evil here. She didn’t do anything sadistic or seem to be enjoying herself at all. I watched the video a few times and couldn’t see her smiling in any part of it.

  9. . says:

    Yobbo – a .22 slug in the head would be a bit more merciful if you don’t have green dream or don’t know how to do cervical dislocation.

    I wish she did that. Guns are probably banned!

    A wealthier society would see less of these problems. Wealth creation is the best way to end misery and suffering. Until then all we can do is minimise it or make it swift and merciful.

  10. Ruby says:

    I don’t think it was acceptable to drown them. They were at a point in their lives where they were completely vulnerable and dependent on others for survival. She could have taken them to an animal shelter or given them away. People who choose to have pets should take responsibility for them. If she wasn’t willing to care for the puppies she should have had the mother desexed or kept away from male dogs.

  11. john walker says:

    What a waste of protein.
    Many of the problems of the world could be solved if we followed Jonathon Swifts modest Idea: “I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …”.

  12. Yobbo says:

    Ruby, this happened in Bosnia, not Toorak. I’m guessing animal shelters and desexing programs are way down on the list of priorities in a country that has only just come out of a horribly destructive civil war.

    Yobbo – a .22 slug in the head would be a bit more merciful if you don’t have green dream or don’t know how to do cervical dislocation.

    .22s are pretty useless for anything except shooting rabbits or parrots, I’m not surprised she didn’t just happen to have one laying around.

    I don’t think it was acceptable to drown them.

    Well, drowning is the most common method of doing it, acceptable or not. It’s not like this video depicts some act of unusually vicious cruelty, it happens all the time.

  13. Ruby says:

    I see your point, I guess there are worse things, and we don’t really know enough about the context and her situation to judge. When I was at school, about 15 years old, a boy there confided in me that he killed a litter of puppies by stabbing them to death, one by one. So I guess if you compare it to something like that then it isn’t that bad. Still fairly distressing though.

  14. Adrien says:

    I’m not sure concern for animals is mutually exclusive with concern for humans but Hollywood is stuffed with people who moved away from Reality a long time ago. That part of the world is still reeling from war and genocide. There are places there were girls don’t go to school anymore because they’re afraid of getting kidnapped by sex slavers.

    Tends to dull the empathy a bit.

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