Sometimes the system works

Thank you, Premier Kristina Keneally, Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell and Nationals leader Andrew Stoner for allowing a conscience vote in the NSW lower house on the Adoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill (No.2). Why every vote is not a conscience vote, I’ll never know. But moving on, many thanks to the majority who voted in its favour. Not because I’m gay and want to adopt, but because the government shouldn’t discriminate without very good reason, and as Carmel Tebbutt succinctly put it, “Sexuality is not a determinant of whether you are a good parent.”

I’m also glad that the bill was amended to allow church-based adoption agencies to discriminate against homosexual couples if they wish. No individual or private body should be forced to go against their moral principles, if those principles do not involve coercion of others.

This bill has the best of both worlds. I hope it becomes law quickly so we can move on to, frankly, higher-priority matters for the NSW Parliament.

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2 Responses to Sometimes the system works

  1. john walker says:

    It is a good outcome.
    And rollon the state election.

  2. Jordan says:

    Hear, hear. Excellent outcome.

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