LDP press release #6

Liberal Democrats say no to big government climate schemes

Issued 6 August 2010

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the next federal government to stop distorting the energy market and do nothing about climate change.

“We accept the climate may be changing, and we acknowledge there is evidence to suggest human activity is contributing. However, we do not regard these as justifying government action. Even if they are proven to be both true, it does not mean governments should respond,” said Queensland Senate candidate Jim Fryar.

The policy of the Liberal Democrats is that governments cannot do anything that will make a material difference but their efforts will divert resources from more needy and realistic goals, causing immense economic damage.

“Much of human history has been subject to the effects of global warming or cooling. Humans have adapted before and there is no reason to believe they cannot do so again, if they need to, without massive government schemes,” Mr Fryar said.

“Our current standard of living relies on energy being available at the lowest cost. Government intervention such as subsidising renewables or penalising certain sources, raises the cost.

“That means Australia has less money to spend on R&D, infrastructure, or to help poor countries adapt. Spending money on boutique energy sources wastes the very money we need for a properous society,” Mr Fryar said.

The Liberal Democrats believe the free market is the best mechanism to deal with climate change.

“Wherever government planning or intervention has been tried, it has failed at great cost to society. Unrestricted market competition will keep energy costs low while also allowing for the market to respond to climate change concerns if they are reflected within the community.

“The Liberal Democrats would end all subsidies for carbon sequestration, ethanol, solar and wind power, carbon forestry, and the climate change industry,” said Mr Fryar.

“It would also remove regulatory barriers to nuclear power generation, to allow it to compete with other energy sources.”

“Only the Liberal Democrats oppose taxpayer dollars being wasted on renewable energy projects. Voters opposed to this waste should consider voting for the Liberal Democrats in the Senate to oppose the Green/Labor alliance,” he said.


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56 Responses to LDP press release #6

  1. Yobbo says:

    How can doing nothing be better than doing something?

    If you seriously have to ask this question then you shouldn’t be arguing on an adult blog.

    Here are some examples of “doing something”

    * Shooting random people in the head
    * Applying a 100000% tax on ice cream
    * Covering yourself in dog shit and howling at the moon

    All of these things are “doing something”. The question you need to ask yourself is, is there anything we can actually do that wouldn’t be a huge waste of money and/or counter-productive?

    Doing nothing is superior to “doing something” in a large percentage of cases. If more governments understood this then the world would be a much better and freer place.

  2. . says:

    A carbon tax or ETS may be okay. “The” CPRS is just bloody awful.

  3. Ruby says:

    @John walker mmmmm 300 types of cheese, that sounds amazing!
    @yobbo yes but by doing ‘something’ I obviously didnt mean ‘anything’. I agree that it has to be a good solution rather than any random solution. An ETS seems like a good solution. they have them in NZ and the EU.

  4. . says:


    The EU ETS was so corrputed by exemptions that it has already failed once with virtually free permits. NZ will have no material impact on climate unless they start exporting fissile fuel or new generation reactors.

  5. Yobbo says:

    “An ETS seems like a good solution.”

    Most economists and politicans disagree. Can you prove it?

  6. john walker says:

    The cheese shops in Paris are an agony of choice, but we did make an heroic effort.

    Questions about the best approach to the problem are a lot more interesting than arguments about wether there is a problem

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