LDP press release #4

Labor being wagged by Green tail

Issued 6 August 2010

Within months of voting down a Greens Senate proposal for a study into high speed rail between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, Labor has adopted the Greens proposal as its own.

LDP’s NSW Senate candidate Mr Glenn Druery says it is becoming obvious that the Labor dog is being wagged by its Green tail.

Mr Druery said the LDP had no objections to high speed rail between major centers in Australia, as long as it was built with private capital and without government subsidies.

“The long suffering taxpayers are going to be savaged enough by the existing election promises from both the Liberals and the Labor/Greens, without this imposition put on them,” he said.

“Many of us have been curious as to why the Greens allocated preferences to Labor immediately the election was called, instead of holding the usual Liberal – Labor auction first.”

“It is now obvious that Labor had agreed to do what the Greens told them prior to the election.”

“If Labor cannot be trusted to resist the bizarre policies of Brown and his authoritarian followers, they ought to be voted out,” he said, pointing to some of the disastrous policies being pursued or in place:

The Coral Sea, east of the Barrier Reef, covers an area about the same as South Australia. It has now been declared a no fishing, no go area.

In the name of environmental flows, farmers in the Murray Darling irrigation area are to have their irrigation water cut, thus rendering much of Australia’s largest food bowl, and the farmers, to a state of irrelevance.

Bob Brown claims the greatest blot on Australia’s environmental reputation are the power stations fed by Yallourn Valley brown coal, which produce Australia’s cheapest power. He insists they be closed by 2020 and Labor will agree to this.

Australia’s uranium reserves are the world’s largest. Nuclear energy is clean and safe. Already there are 438 nuclear power stations worldwide, with 61 more being built and 250 more proposed. Despite this Labor resists opening new uranium mines or allowing nuclear power here, because of the Greens.

“With Labor doing their bidding, the Greens will transform Australia into a basket case ,” Mr Druery concluded.


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