LDP press release #3

Liberal Democrats reject cigarette packaging laws

Wednesday 4 August

Liberal Democrats Senate candidate, Glenn Druery, has called on voters to support an advertising blitz by retailers opposing new plain tobacco packaging laws by purchasing a packet of cigarettes even if they don’t intend to smoke.

Mr Druery says the Liberal Democrats and civil liberties organisations across the country believe the new anti-smoking measures are an unwarranted imposition on freedom of choice and free speech in Australia.

“It is one thing to point out the risks involved in smoking. That helps people make a sensible choice, which is obviously not to smoke. But preventing the cigarette companies from competing with each other for the business of those who choose to smoke is going too far. It is anti-business and anti-liberty.

“The tobacco industry is already regulated and taxed to hell. Unless the government is willing to accept the political and economic consequences of banning cigarettes, it should stop this nanny state nonsense” Mr Druery said today.

“It is foolish to think that people will give up smoking just because the packets all look the same.”

“The Liberal Democrats are calling on those who oppose this intrusive government measure to buy a packet of cigarettes in solidarity with retailers.”


Glenn Druery
NSW Senate Candidate

Peter Whelan
National Communications Officer



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One Response to LDP press release #3

  1. Yobbo says:

    I don’t understand why the LDP is targetting the packaging laws and not the tax itself. The packaging laws are largely irrelevant, the tax on the other hand is completely ridiculous, a packet of cigarettes without the tax would wholesale for about $3. The tax is now around $11 which is 400%.

    All of this tax is hugely regressive, the main victims are low income smokers and small businesses who rely on cigarette sales to drive store traffic. It is the single most evil policy of the Rudd regime.

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