• The by-elections are done, and in Bradfield, Lucy Gabb of the Liberal Democrats has so far received 516 votes, or 0.8% of the total. I think this is an excellent result for a campaign by an unknown party with no budget putting up a candidate a few weeks before the election. We beat One Nation, which is nice, and got double Andrew Hestelow’s vote. Going by the comments about Hestelow left on my blog, this is a good thing.
  • Turnbull tells it like it is, taking a swipe at Abbott’s “low cost” solution to climate change, and indirectly at Rudd as well (with his desire to mitigate the costs of climate change mitigation and therefore minimise the political cost to himself and the Labor Party). Well done, Malcolm. However, by previously arguing for amendments that increased the giveaways in an effort to reduce the cost of mitigation to polluters, Turnbull is guilty of the same thing. Looks like that blast backfired.
  • I meant to draw attention to this column by Cassandra Wilkinson, but then forgot. Forgive me, I’m getting old. Anyway, I highly recommend it as an excellent piece of writing that is solidly libertarian without once resorting to boilerplate.
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3 Responses to Catch-up

  1. john walker says:

    Abbott’s position actually seems to conservative values with socialism – subsidies and regulation = Agrarian socialism. If the party was a car, I’d say the tail is oscillating wildly and it is exhibiting so much over-steer that it has come out of tight corner backwards. It is now the National-Liberal coalition. Cautionary point: fear, greed and ignorance is a very sexy commodity and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Abbott position sold well. It is dangerous to be optimistic about human nature.

  2. Jarrah says:

    Abbott will definitely seek to steer the Liberals in his preferred direction, but I’m not sure if you could call that direction “agrarian socialism”. But we’ll see – Abbott has been flagging some hefty changes to his previous approach.

    “Cautionary point: fear, greed and ignorance is a very sexy commodity and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Abbott position sold well.”

    You may be right. Fear sells. Greed motivates. Ignorance creates the former and is cultivated by the latter. A potent mix.

    It is not a happy thought.

  3. john walker says:

    I sort of wonder who’s ( if anybody ) is actually steering. Black-Jack McKewan was pretty good at manipulating liberals , there is a bit of a tradition.

    Ignorance makes manipulating people into doing things that are not actually really good or are simply nonsense , easy.
    Public life is often, when the light gos out , “tis but a tale told by an idiot” .

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