Andrew Bolt is an idiot

But luckily, because I’m slow and lazy, a bucketful of bloggers have already demolished his idiocy about refugees so that I don’t have to. The best I’ve seen is by Possum Comitatus at Crikey:

Bolt’s argument is as predictable as it is convenient – Rudd is being soft on border protection and as a result, increasing hordes of refugees are arriving on our fair shores…let’s take Bolt’s pig-ignorant horseshit out the back and kill it.

Which Possum proceeds to do thoroughly and professionally, using facts and mathematics (which are not Bolt’s strong points). Highly recommended.

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8 Responses to Andrew Bolt is an idiot

  1. CFQ says:

    Poss is the boss. I’m surprised Bolt hasn’t blamed the Greens yet.

  2. Stephen Riley says:

    Bolt is an overeducated fool, of which I am certain as never really had life hard.
    Pull your head from your ass Andrew and smell the roses.

  3. Derek Thomas says:

    How the heck have imbecilic fools like Bolt and Ackerman secured such firm toe holds into the Australian media?
    His denunciation of the obvious catastrophic dangers of nuclear facilities gone wrong are testament to his constant ignoring the facts and continuing blinkered, imbecilic rants.
    I’m over the continual daily insult to thinking Australians from the likes of Bolt, Ackerman, Price, Jones – these men have a collective regard and social conscience towards the average working class Aussie similar to Gaddafi’s feelings for Bengazi residents. If Bolt doesn’t have a buck or two, or a mate with a buck or two invested in the prospective Aussie nuclear industry – I’ll be a monkey’s.
    Do us all a favour Bolt and bugger off back to the hole you crawled out of over in South Africa. They must have been SO glad to be rid of you and you must have been SO pissed off when Mr Mandela emerged trimphant from prison. Idiot!!!

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  8. Greg Smith says:

    Stephen Riley says: “Bolt is an overeducated fool”, Stephen has got that very wrong, over educated people do more than one university degree, not drop out halfway through the first one. Bolt is actually an undereducated fool, as any fool can tell by reading his opinions on many subjects and then looking out the lounge room window at what is actually happening out there in the real world. Bolt is just a scared little man, hoping other people will help solve the world’s problems, problems some of which people like Bolt, have helped create!.

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