More good news for Cuba

Obama has delivered on a campaign promise to ease some sanctions on Cuba. Now Americans with family in Cuba can send any sum of money, and travel at any time and frequency, for any reason, to Cuba.

This is positive, but the bare minimum he could do in conscience. He must go much further. 50 years of political and economic pressure have delivered bugger all in terms of the US agenda for the island. So continued calls for remaning sanctions to be used as bargaining chips is nonsensical.

Yes, there’s a new Castro in charge, one less intransigent, but there’s not many reasons to think he will threaten his government’s hold on power by acquiescing to US demands for greater political freedom for Cubans.

Sanctions on Cuba hurt only the Cuban people. Drop them, Mr President. Drop them now.

UPDATE: I got it wrong, it’s not all Americans, just those with relatives in Cuba. So it’s even less of a step forward than I thought.

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