My lovely pile

I gathered all the books I’ve been buying or borrowing or been given recently into one place so that I can a) work through them systematically, and b) maximise that warm tingly feeling you get when you realise what delicious reading you have ahead of you.

It doesn’t include what I’m reading right now, Brasyl by Ian McDonald and Who Gets What by Frank Stilwell and Kirrily Jordan (of which I’m planning on writing a review – any tips on review-writing is appreciated, I’ve never done one before).

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  1. Liam says:

    By all means read it, but then after you have, have a squiz at Matt Taibbi’s review of Hot Flat And Crowded. Lulz all around.

  2. Jarrah says:

    I couldn’t help myself, I read the review just now. Or should I call it ‘tirade’? He certainly doesn’t like Friedman’s style! Fair enough – the examples he gives don’t paint a pretty picture. I wonder how that fits with the three Pulitzers?

    It was disappointing to see the first part of the review sound just like all those “Al Gore is fat” so-called arguments from AGW denialists.

    I bought Hot Flat and Crowded because I thought it would be interesting to read a greenie tract from someone who all his life has basically been the opposite. I’ll let you know if it delivers.

    “Lulz all around.”

    Please tell me you’re not a /b/tard. 😉

  3. Nice list.

    As for writing a book review… just read a few other reviews to get an idea. Get the ideas across and then give your commentary on the most important themes and whether they are convincing.

    There are plenty of book reviews in lots of mags — including Policy Mag. Where are you going to publish your review?

  4. Jarrah says:

    Published? Ha!

    I don’t think anyone’s going to publish an unsolicited review from an unknown student on a book over a year old that has been reviewed several times already. I’m just going to inflict it on my own readers.

    But thanks for the tips.

  5. Liam says:

    Please tell me you’re not a /b/tard.

    That’s a negative, J. I’m a bad, bad man but I have some sense of self-respect.
    (I’m also posting from work).

  6. Mark Hill says:

    Ferguson is the pick of the bunch.

  7. Michael Fisk says:

    Yikes! Thomas Friedman? I hope you didn’t pay for that book!

  8. Michael Fisk says:

    Whoops. I should have read more carefully. You did pay all that money for Screedman’s book!

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