Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament today, regarding the leak about the Rudd-Bush phone call:

The Prime Minister’s fingerprints are all over this. Every letter, every paragraph is dripping with his DNA.

WTF? I mean, he could have said “it has his stamp all over it”, “it’s exactly his style”, or “it has all the Rudd hallmarks”, but no. I suppose you’ve got to admire his attempt to stay away from such tired cliches. But, oh dear, what an unfortunate turn of phrase.  All I can say is – Mr Turnbull, you’d better wash your hands.

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2 Responses to Dripping?

  1. MissRatbat says:

    Not to mention, the Prime Minister might want to see a doctor or at the very least improve his personal hygiene.

  2. admin says:

    “or at the very least improve his personal hygiene.”

    Or his aim 😉

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