This makes me mad.

How dare Bush Jr bestow an honour originally meant for war heroes and now only supposed to reward “exceptional meritorious service” – and awarded to such luminaries as Nancy Wake, Pope John Paul II, Mandela, Galbraith,  Hayek, Aldrin and Armstrong, TS Eliot, Steinbeck, Aretha Franklin, Edward R. Murrow, Martin Luther King, Colin Powell, and Aung San Suu Kyi – on John Howard? And for sycophancy and intransigence, no less, though couched in terms like “a man of honesty and moral clarity. He can make a decision, he can defend it, and he stands his ground.”

What rot. It reminds me of the BAD II song ‘Rush’:

# And of all my friends
You’ve been the best to me
Soon will be the day
When I will pay you handsomely #

Then Howard had the temerity to suggest it was “a compliment to Australia”, as if the majority of Australians who opposed his war-mongering (and lap-dog attitude to the US) never existed.

At least Blair had the decency to appear humbled by the magnitude of the honour, whereas Howard just looked like his usual rodent in heat.

I feel a bit sick.

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