Fred Nile doesn’t like breasts

Breasts on display on beaches, that is.

Nothing really surprising there, except that he is dressing up his wowserism in the guise of cultural sensitivity to Muslims. Yeah, sure, Fred *. It’s not like you tried to stop Muslim immigration last year or anything.

I particularly like this quote from the 2007 story:

He says while the policy may be offensive, he stands by it.

It gives a delicious irony to what he says today:

“Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended, whether it’s their religious or cultural views,” he said.

But beyond the chuckle at his hypocrisy, I wanted to make a stand for offensiveness. That’s right, I support you getting offended, whoever you are. Does someone’s dress, language, body, views, writings or drawings offend you? Good.** Because that means freedom of speech and expression is alive and well. Attempts to limit these freedoms just to avoid giving offence is, well, offensive. As is grouping “offend, insult, humiliate” with the completely separate concept of “intimidate”.

I’d be worried if no-one was being offended – something would have to be wrong with the world.

* Disclaimer – Fred Nile once called the Liberal Democrats, the political party I belong to,  “the enemy”

** Note I limit my approval to offence. Offensiveness is not the same as harmful behaviour.

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5 Responses to Fred Nile doesn’t like breasts

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  2. TerjeP (say tay-a) says:

    I’ve commented elsewhere on this issue so I think I’ll just add a link to it;

  3. Belloc's Daughter says:

    Who knew that “free speech” was all about flashing your tits!

  4. Pappinbarra Fox says:

    just testing

  5. Pappinbarra Fox says:

    OK I’ve read the article, and I’ll be a nippleless clown on a beach parade if anything the good rev says is worth responding to.

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