Was blind, but now I see

I got glasses today. It’s a revelation – distant objects now have distinct outlines, buses have recognisable numbers, signs across the street are now decipherable.

It feels strange. The clarity is amazing, and welcome, but the contrast between sharp and blurry at the border region of the glasses is disconcerting.

I soothed my inner geek by going with titanium frames. Neutral colour, thin frames – they don’t alter my facial geometry much. Weirdly (to me), the brand is RM Williams. Boots and and belts and moleskins I understand, but eyewear? The case is in keeping with the theme, stitched brown leather with brass stud closer. A bit gauche, really. :-)

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One Response to Was blind, but now I see

  1. CFQ says:

    You look just as hot with glasses as without too 😉

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