One of my favourite game series of all time, SimCity, is coming to the iPhone!

*skips around in a circle*

Nostalgia alert:

SimCity 2000 was a game that stole hundreds of hours of my adolescence (along with Civilization II*). Unlike almost all other games, the objective was construction, not destruction; the idea was to make the characters happy, not dead; and there was no end goal but what you set for yourself. It was astonishingly addictive, every game was unique, and it was so satisfying to build a thriving metropolis.

I skipped its sequel, SimCity 3000, but when SimCity 4 came out, I dove right back in again, though never losing myself in it as I had once done. One pleasing addition was the ability (thanks to the explosion of internet access and speed) to upload pictures of your cities so others could admire them. On one such forum, I found cities that put my fumbling efforts to shame, sometimes faithfully following historical urban trends, complete with picture essays of their development, and always lovingly depicted in the minute detail that SimCity gave gamers.

* Euan, I am very, very sorry that I abused your hospitality in order to play Civ on your computer in 1993. Looking back, I must have seemed amazingly rude. My apologies.

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