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Perverse incentives

While watching the World Cup, and pondering the phenomenon of ‘diving’, I came to the realisation that soccer, among other sports*, has contradictory imperatives embedded in its rules. Theoretically, soccer is a non-contact sport. However it involves a contest for … Continue reading

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My lovely pile 2

First uni put a big dent in my reading-for-pleasure time, and currently the exam period is keeping me from posting much, so I thought I’d show you what I’ve been saving up for the break. A couple I’ve been meaning … Continue reading

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Where the Australian Greens go wrong

I have voted Green more often than I have voted Labor (I’ve never voted for the party I’m a member of, but that’s because there hasn’t been a candidate in my electorate yet). I do so for a number of … Continue reading

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Win-win turns into lose-lose

Well, that certainly didn’t turn out how I predicted. Israel boarded the flotilla, as expected, though (unusually and critically) did so in international waters. I suspect that detail is going to be important. Violence ensued, with conflicting stories about who … Continue reading

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