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Higher pay for MPs

Well, technically speaking it’s an increase in their electorate allowance, but anything left over at the end of the year is treated as personal income, so it’s not surprising that MPs consider it “a de facto part of their salary”. … Continue reading

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Just as I predicted…

..and it’s not even started yet. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the atrocious underground metro proposal put forward by the NSW government has jumped in price by 30% before a single bucket of soil is excavated. I told you … Continue reading

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Proof of the divine

One of the major benefits of studying law at the most highly regarded law school in the country is that I’m surrounded by clever, thoughtful people who express themselves well. Turns out that holds true even when they’re drunk, as … Continue reading

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Things I learned today

1. UNSW sends out spam every three weeks or so, spruiking some company or product under a thin guise of supposed relevance to students. 2. “Capitalism represses human sexuality” according to Kate Jeffreys writing in the Socialist Alternative #140. LOL … Continue reading

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Andrew Bolt is an idiot

But luckily, because I’m slow and lazy, a bucketful of bloggers have already demolished his idiocy about refugees so that I don’t have to. The best I’ve seen is by Possum Comitatus at Crikey: Bolt’s argument is as predictable as … Continue reading

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Read at own risk

I’ve decided to be brave and put up an old poem. It’s below the fold so that people aren’t accidentally exposed.

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More good news for Cuba

Obama has delivered on a campaign promise to ease some sanctions on Cuba. Now Americans with family in Cuba can send any sum of money, and travel at any time and frequency, for any reason, to Cuba. This is positive, … Continue reading

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Oh, hello. Have you been standing there this whole time?

If you’re reading this post, it’s because I’m not dead. It also means I have survived organising a wedding, getting married, and a mini-honeymoon, during which I could not blog. You know the saying, “if you want something done, give … Continue reading

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