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Druggies join the ranks of the undeserving

Here in Australia, people getting unemployment benefits have to perform certain obligations in order to qualify. Centrelink describes it as having to “actively look for work, accept suitable work offers and undertake extra activities to improve your chances of finding … Continue reading

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Faulkner v Conroy

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, is getting a lot of negative press in the blogosphere for his idiotic insistence on pressing ahead with an idiotic internet censorship scheme. Rightly so – it will infantilise … Continue reading

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A quick giggle

Many thanks to – you brighten my day.

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When is a bonus not a bonus?

AIG is in trouble. Financial trouble, sure, but I’m talking about the naughty-corner type of trouble. Being a giant company deeply enmeshed in the financial system, AIG has been receiving money from the US government in order to prop it … Continue reading

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Most pointless textbook in the UNSW bookshop?

Taken while lining up with 10,000 other eager resigned textbook buyers.

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Speaking of inequality…

..I came across this map of the world’s Gini coefficients at the incredible, incomparable, what-would-I-do-without-it Wikipedia. It shows in clearer form than ranks of numbers how generally there is a negative correlation between the Gini coefficient and GDP per capita. … Continue reading

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Who Gets What? Part 2

For background, see Part 1.

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Who Gets What? Part 1

I recently finished reading Who Gets What? Analysing economic inequality in Australia by Frank Stilwell and Kirrily Jordan, a present from my mother. It took me ages, partially because I was reading other things, and also because I kept getting … Continue reading

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