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Now we’re getting silly

I knew it had to come one day. Behold, the ultra-widescreen TV! What’s next, super-mega-ultra-widescreen?

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If only…

Joshua Gans praises the iTunes App Store model, and it inspired me to do the same. I’m with Mr Gans – never before have I bought so much software. The low cost and ease of use means games and whatnot … Continue reading

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This makes me mad. How dare Bush Jr bestow an honour originally meant for war heroes and now only supposed to reward “exceptional meritorious service” – and awarded to such luminaries as Nancy Wake, Pope John Paul II, Mandela, Galbraith,  … Continue reading

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The future of progress

Reading the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, as usual I browsed the letters to the editor. At the top of the page was one from Stephen Asprey of St Ives, bemoaning changes from the good ol’ days. He hit on the … Continue reading

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“What I dream of is an art of balance” – Henri Matisse

Today I thought a game or two of Street Fighter IV after work would be a nice way to dispel the gloom that eventually accumulates when I review other people’s work for too long. I’ve played Street Fighter since it … Continue reading

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Taxing questions

The etymology of ‘tax’ is interesting. It derives from the Latin taxare, meaning ‘evaluate’ or ‘assess’, but also ‘handle’ because of its relation to tangere, meaning ‘to touch’ (from which we get ‘tangible’, and ‘tangent’ – a line that just … Continue reading

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Can we build it? Yes, we can!

I’m not a total ignoramus about Cuba, but I didn’t know that for almost 50 years, people there have largely been forbidden to build houses for themselves (or anyone else), or buy and sell them, giving rise to bizarre and … Continue reading

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Corporate welfare stinks

In the newspaper today was an article about an Australian Customs Service investigation into the price of toilet paper. Basically, some companies say other companies are selling toilet paper too cheaply, and they are losing market share because of it, … Continue reading

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