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My lovely pile

I gathered all the books I’ve been buying or borrowing or been given recently into one place so that I can a) work through them systematically, and b) maximise that warm tingly feeling you get when you realise what delicious … Continue reading

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Halfway down the slippery slope

California – a bastion of liberal values, right? Not if you’re a smoker.* The city of Belmont has made it illegal to smoke in your own home, if your home is an apartment. Your own home! Perhaps I was being … Continue reading

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6%? Pfff. 9%? Meh. 500%? (faints)

A regular increase in council rates sometimes seems to be an inescapable fact of life. It was quite a surprise to see someone run for Melbourne mayor promising to reduce rates by 5%, for example. He didn’t get in. Typically … Continue reading

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Curse of the third generation

With James Packer rapidly losing what his grandfather and father built up over the years, is he living proof of that old Chinese saying, “Wealth never survives three generations”?

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..on the news last night. A priest commenting on how they will be approaching the Queensland government for funding for their incomplete church. ..we won’t be backwards in coming forward. Thank goodness for that, then.

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Privatise marriage!

An excellent article in Slate making exactly the same sort of arguments the LDP makes regarding marriage, gay marriage, and the involvement of the state in both. The article’s conclusion puts it very well: Marriage is an important institution. The … Continue reading

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Should Australian judges be popularly elected?

This was the question John Humphreys raised recently, arguing in favour of it. His reasoning was that the popular election of judges would generate better outcomes because the Laura Norder bias of the general public would counterbalance the incentives he … Continue reading

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The moderate libertarian case for proactive government action on climate change

In the general scheme of things, libertarians oppose government action to deal with problems. There are an array of good reasons for doing so – the problem may be overstated, or non-existent; it may be done better or cheaper privately; … Continue reading

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To all my loyal readers

All three of you, that is. Sorry for having not posted anything recently. I couldn’t concentrate long enough to write because I’ve been worrying about not getting a university offer. Thankfully, I have finally been accepted into UNSW to do … Continue reading

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Spam eater bites off more than it should chew

I idly checked the spam filter today, and saw a comment by Mark Hill from 10 days ago stuck in there (and 1,489 ads for meds). Sorry Mark! I have now un-spammed your comment on the Cuban thread, and it … Continue reading

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