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Now I wish I had Foxtel

Because this looks fab.

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After being in a slump in recent days after not getting a uni offer in the early round, and for the first time starting to worry that I won’t get an offer at all, today I received something to bolster … Continue reading

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Early round of offers from universities went up today. Set my alarm and everything. But zilch. I now have to wait until the main round in January.

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Democracy 2.0

I came across an excellent article the other day, exhorting Obama to put teeth into the ethic of transparency he says is going to be important in his administration, by implementing Wikipedia-style revision control into his website, and eventually … Continue reading

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Parliamentary committees – you’re doing it right

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration released their report Immigration Detention in Australia: A New Beginning today, and I’m glad to see that their recommendations constitute a substantial liberalisation of the current regime. However, as the dissenting report notes, they … Continue reading

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Low-hanging fruit

There are some no-regret actions we can take to combat climate change, and one of the best is energy efficiency. The returns on investment are substantial in their own right, even before we start calculating the benefits of reducing CO2-emissions … Continue reading

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Swiss radicals

The post title is not a very common combination. I know, I checked.* And none of them are to do with my topic, which is the referendum in Switzerland today about drugs. After a long trial with giving hardcore heroin … Continue reading

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Nice start to the month

I got home a few minutes ago, and there was a letter from work. L hadn’t received one, so naturally I thought the worst – it was a reprimand for the three minutes of output lost last week because of … Continue reading

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