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Fred Nile doesn’t like breasts

Breasts on display on beaches, that is. Nothing really surprising there, except that he is dressing up his wowserism in the guise of cultural sensitivity to Muslims. Yeah, sure, Fred *. It’s not like you tried to stop Muslim immigration … Continue reading

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Now there’s a shocker

BREAKING NEWS: Teenagers have sex despite what they tell their parents and pastors. The sad part of this is, because of the milieu in which the virginity pledge is made, when they inevitably fail to keep it, they also fail … Continue reading

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Why I’m not an anarchist

Anarchy literally means ‘no rulers’, as opposed to (among others) monarchy, oligarchy, plutocracy, or democracy (where kings or queens, an elite, the rich, or the public make decisions about governance). Despite what reporters, politicians, and the average person on the … Continue reading

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A thought occurred to me while watching that ridiculous Ferrero Rocher ad, with the gods losing one of their ‘divine’ chocolates during a presumably typical bacchanalia. One of them dives for the errant sweet, but only manages to catch the … Continue reading

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Meme time

Courtesy of Skepticlawyer. Very few I don’t want to do, far too many I do. “THE 99 THINGS MEME Things you’ve already done: bold Things you want to do: italicise Things you haven’t done and don’t want to – leave … Continue reading

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Was blind, but now I see

I got glasses today. It’s a revelation – distant objects now have distinct outlines, buses have recognisable numbers, signs across the street are now decipherable. It feels strange. The clarity is amazing, and welcome, but the contrast between sharp and … Continue reading

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The right rights

My topic for today is human rights (see previous post), and now I want to air some ideas about the actual make-up of any bill of rights, and my thoughts and concerns about them. I’m no expert – in fact … Continue reading

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Rights and wrongs

There has been plenty of buzz in the blogosphere recently (for example here and here) about the Rudd government’s consultation of the public about a mooted Australian bill of human rights. The issue is also getting some attention in the … Continue reading

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One of my favourite game series of all time, SimCity, is coming to the iPhone! *skips around in a circle* Nostalgia alert: SimCity 2000 was a game that stole hundreds of hours of my adolescence (along with Civilization II*). Unlike … Continue reading

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Before I forget again…

..sign up to GetUp!’s online petition to stop the madness. Another place you can do good.

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