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Captain iPhone saves the day

Last night I worked in Artarmon and had to get home to the Inner West. While walking down the road, wondering whether to get a taxi or the train, I remembered how they have been doing roadwork at night on … Continue reading

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Good question

I was asked the other day whether, since I write repeatedly about regulations that I think are bad, did I have a good opinion about any regulations. Of course I do. Regulations are what government departments and administrative bodies create … Continue reading

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Piers Akerman is an idiot

It sucks when the only thing to read while you’re waiting is The Daily Telegraph. It sucks more when you browse through and unaccountably feel yourself drawn to read what you know is bad for the soul – Piers Akerman’s … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, about that…

I’m hopeless. The event that catalysed my starting a blog was the removal of North Korea from the US’s list of states that sponsor terrorism. Back on October 11. Whoops. I’m sure I had oodles of insightful commentary all lined … Continue reading

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Easy as A-B-C

This topic is old news in blogosphere terms, and the reason I haven’t written about it here is that I’ve been engaged on other blogs (and more I can’t be bothered linking to), either as reader or participant. There are … Continue reading

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Deregulation and discrimination

I don’t like racism or sexism or other discrimination of that nature. I think it’s illogical, stupid, damaging and counter-productive. But as a libertarian*, I firmly believe it should not be illegal. Public institutions absolutely should not discriminate – they … Continue reading

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Readers in high places

It seems like the NSW Ombudsman has read my blog and decided to take action. Onya, Bruce.

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Captain iPhone to the rescue!

I’m so chuffed. Today a woman pulled up beside me in her car, asking for directions to a street I didn’t know. The crudely drawn map given to her by a friend had been no help, and she had no … Continue reading

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I told you it had to be up there

As mentioned previously, xkcd has to be considered among the funniest things on the web. Click on the images for a bigger size.

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Where are the proper ninja games?

Seriously. Ninjas, apart from their natural superiority to pirates, are excellent subjects for computer games. Yet what gets produced are abominations like the Ninja Gaiden series, which are an insult to everything ninjas said and did. Ninjas were secretive, stealthy … Continue reading

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