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Privatise marriage!

An excellent article in Slate making exactly the same sort of arguments the LDP makes regarding marriage, gay marriage, and the involvement of the state in both. The article’s conclusion puts it very well: Marriage is an important institution. The … Continue reading

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This makes me mad. How dare Bush Jr bestow an honour originally meant for war heroes and now only supposed to reward “exceptional meritorious service” – and awarded to such luminaries as Nancy Wake, Pope John Paul II, Mandela, Galbraith,  … Continue reading

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Fred Nile doesn’t like breasts

Breasts on display on beaches, that is. Nothing really surprising there, except that he is dressing up his wowserism in the guise of cultural sensitivity to Muslims. Yeah, sure, Fred *. It’s not like you tried to stop Muslim immigration … Continue reading

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Before I forget again…

..sign up to GetUp!’s online petition to stop the madness. Another place you can do good.

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Parliamentary committees – you’re doing it right

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration released their report Immigration Detention in Australia: A New Beginning today, and I’m glad to see that their recommendations constitute a substantial liberalisation of the current regime. However, as the dissenting report notes, they … Continue reading

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